Career Jobs for Marketing Sales and Services – A Career That Pays

Career jobs for marketing sales and services are chosen by a large number of people today. If you like articulating a company’s vision and inspire others to follow your leads then this would be an ideal choice for you. As an executive, you would be responsible for arranging events for brand promotion and you would be required to connect to the global market to bring in more customers and profits for the company. Those who are in marketing, sales and services would have to plan, manage and perform marketing activities in order to reach the objectives of an organization.

What Kind of Jobs Will You be Able to Find?

Career jobs for marketing sales and services will include the posts of purchasing agents, buyers and purchasing managers. The sales work supervisors normally qualify for merchandising and buying. Cashier, advertising agents, insurance agents, manufacturing and wholesale sales representatives and sales engineers are some of the other options available. Another option to consider is E-marketing. With E-marketing you would be able to find jobs like marketing, promotions, advertising, sales management and public relations. You would be responsible for coordinating the marketing research, sales, marketing strategy, promotion, advertising, product development, pricing and public relations.

Responsibilities and Functions

When you apply for career jobs for marketing sales and service as a sales manager, you would be responsible for the sales program of the company. You will have to assign the sales territories, be responsible for goal setting and conduct training sessions for your sales representatives. The public relation manager will have to supervise the public relation agents and direct the publicity programs for targeted audience. At times they would also have to specialize in different areas like health care, specific industry or crisis management. The promotions managers would have to supervise the staff members and direct programs which will combine purchase incentives and advertising for increasing sales.

The survey and market researchers are in much demand these days since information management has become very important for businesses today. These researchers will have to gather information about what their customers and potential customers think. The marketing research analysts help the companies understand about what kind of products and pricing people are looking for. These specialists also help the companies market their products for achieving their sales goals. This can be an exciting industry for those who like to create promotional strategies to help increase sales. Career jobs for marketing sales and services are in huge demand today and if you have the right qualification you would be able to get an exciting job at an entry level.

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